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    In a survey, I gave guys the opportunity to say their top dislikes about ladies. More than 30 guys took the time to let us know. I compiled a list of the most interesting and relevant ones. Before you jump and read what they had to say, I want you to know that some of their answers were blunt, funny, endearing and even quite offensive. I do not endorse them but I didn’t want to bring you manufactured answers or result so please do not take whatever you’ve seen personal. The aim of this whole thing is to learn from the answers given and for fun too. Remember they are not perfect but neither are we. Below are the top 20 responses from guys.

Forming, playing hard to get, snubbing, too much like for money and gossiping
                                                                                                                - Folar
They sometimes make demands that cannot be met
                                                                                - Pelumi
Their outrageous and insatiable appetite
                                                                                - Ifeanyi

Excessive demand is one thing too as is  being over-clingy
                                                                     - Daniel
Odour, dirtiness and a bad attitude
                                                 - Divine

Bad attitude and if she lies or steals, I’m gone
                                                  - Ayobami
Shyness and jealousy
                                - Emeka

The belief that fine guys like me are scammers (lol)

Excessive demands, the way they snap pictures (they bring out their tongues or bend down showing their assets), too skinny or too fat, this nonsense “slay queen” of a thing and some girls aren’t straight-forward
- Nonso

Cheating, revealing a lot of cleavage, over-eating, laziness and the focus on getting admirers

Backbiting, snubbing, forming and I really do not like it when girls ask for too many things and do not give in return and a few other things sha

Anger issues! You know that type that comes with violence

- Chimezie

I don’t like girls who make-up every time

I don’t like girls who wear short or revealing clothes and start to draw the clothes down or try to cover it when people are looking at them
- Chinedu

I can’t put up with a nagging lady, a lady whose mindset is based on the materialistic part of life and I don’t like girls who lack respect

Being rude or brusque, ill-mannered, socially demented, over-demanding and very much dependent, boring and dirty (a little stench gets me on my heels)

A smutty or indecent lady should be locked up in a rehabilitation center. I don’t mean she should be an ‘mgbeke’ oo, but she should be fashionable and at the same time maintain decency

Being entitled and saucy
- Christopher

So there you have it. Guys are not smiling (lol). Please feel free to drop your comments if you agree with what they’ve said or not and if you like a comment, you can support the person who said it. *winks*


  1. Girls that insist on reading your texts messages are so annoying

  2. I don't Like when girls demand to go out with them all the time.girls always asking shii about where the relationship is going to lead. Girls that are dependent are the worst. I dont like girls that envy other people relationship so that we can also be like them.

  3. I agree with them all except the one that said shyness and jealousy. ��

  4. Girls need to grow up even before they take responsibilities as mothers
    Things are changing so fast and well


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