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Do not wait idly!

Does the title of this piece seem a little off? I know right. It obviously goes against the popular
saying; “Good things come to those who wait”. Well, that is true to an extent but don’t be deceived,
nothing exactly good comes out from sitting back and relaxing these days. You have to work while
waiting. Working while waiting means only one thing, it means doing something thing reasonable,
profitable and also responsible. Venture into something out of which you derive joy. Discover your
passion and if possible, work towards making a living out of it. No normal person wants to be a liability,
we all want to be independent and be able to fend for ourselves. This imagination cannot be
materialized if we’re not prepared to take certain measures. People always think about tomorrow and
leave their today in the dark, they forget that their actions today determine the outcome of their
tomorrow. You need to quit fantasizing and act now, and I mean right now! People will always tell you
to do something but will not tell you what to do exactly. Here are some steps to take in finding
something to do:
• Discover what you’re good at, find where your passion lies.
• Do research or Ask questions from those already in that line of work.
• Read helpful books or articles like this.
• Find out how you can actually benefit from it.
• Find out what you need to venture into this idea and get them.
• Start working
Always be busy, never be idle. For “An idle mind” they say “is the devil’s work shop”. This is very true as
people who are idle tend to have negative thoughts and are highly prone to engaging in immoral acts
with bad company. Think on these things.

You could leave your thoughts or contribution about this piece in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more😉


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