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Late Tuesday night (more like early Wednesday morning), I decided to sing a few worship songs before sleeping, which turned into a short prayer session. And there was this prayer point I raised. I said to God, "Shine your light in this dark world".
 And I heard him speak back in my heart. He said, "You shine the light. After all, you are the light of the world".
And that statement halted me. I stopped praying to think about it. God was right...but hello? He is always right. He is right that I raised an unnecessary prayer point. Why pray for something we already have? The world already has light, which is us as children of God. Christ gave this command to his disciples:

Let your light Sooo shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.
- Matthew 5:16

So the big question here is whether our light is shining or not. A light on a hill cannot be hidden. It has to be seen. Many times, I find myself shutting up when I should speak up about Jesus and his love. I find myself hiding . But, we've been commanded to shine. And ironically, in our world today, foolishness is a trend and is easy to find. People doing the wrong things are bold about it, proud of it even. Sin is glorified, flaunted all over the internet and has been embraced by our society. People feel okay talking pure foolishness. On the other hand,quite sadly, Christians are shying away. Many of us will not boldly speak about Christ to others or say what is right according to word of God. Some of us are not known as Christians because people don't even see the traits of Christ in us. Some of us even involve in worthless and foolish chatter. We are to be the trend setters yet many are blindly following what non-christians are doing. Where is our light? Where did we hide it? Does one light up a lamp and keep it under a bowl? (Matt 5:15)

I was just disturbing God to do something he has already done. I was expecting him to do something he was expecting me to do. How funny ! But me sef...and I was beyond serious with the prayer o. Truth is, God is waiting on us to shine. We are Christ's ambassadors here on earth. We're to flaunt our godliness and be not shy of the gospel. We're to show the way, so others can walk also on the path of righteousness. We're to speak our truth and not be apologetic about it (Christ spoke the truth boldly despite his oppositions severally. Bold enough to speak and act regardless of the Pharisees and Sadducees). We're to be the bible the world reads, the Christ that they see. We are to be light! Fam, ye are light!
(Read Matthew 5:14-16)

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