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I stumbled on this bible verse on someone's Instagram page -Philippians 4:6. I have read it severally before, even know it by heart.

Do not worry about anything but make your requests known to God by prayer and supplication. 

However, what struck me this time around was how the NLT version interpreted it in such a direct and hit-the-nail-on-the-head way. You know, sometimes when we've heard something or a bible verse over and over, it becomes "normal" to us. Ordinary. We recite it many times but we've lost its meaning. And the thing is no word in the bible is normal. Not one word! In fact, no word from the bible should be normalized. God can speak different things to different people through a single verse. When the holy spirit opens your eyes, a verse that you've read a lot and are familiar with can have a totally new meaning to you. God cannot be boxed or predicted. And so is his word.
So, the NLT version of Philippians 4:6 says:

 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

I just love how simple and direct this version is. No more words need to be said. I know you've probably heard this saying why worry when you can pray? But it's not always that simple,especially when we face hard times and things seem to be going south. Notice I used the word "seem". To you, everything might be just terrible. But what God sees, you do not .As far the heavens are from the earth, so are his thoughts higher than ours and his ways higher than our ways. The truth is, as far as you love God and have been called according to his purpose, everything that happens to you, good or bad, is working together for your good. You might think things are going south but God sees how everything is coming together into something beautiful!

God is a father. And a father loves. A father does not just provide, he loves. He listens and he nurtures. God is here to listen. And the amazing thing is unlike your earthly father, he's available 24/7! Of course doubts would come. Fear might build up. But instead of letting the devil's seeds of doubt and fear germinate in your mind, tell your father. Because fear is the toxic gland that secretes worry. Once the anxiety comes,pray to your father. Worrying would solve nothing and is utterly fruitless. Why should you worry? Especially when you have a father that has the whole universe in his hands? Convert your worrying energy  into praying energy.


  1. "Because fear is the toxic gland that secretes worry. Once the anxiety comes,pray to your father..."
    Simple but powerful truth!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. If you worry, this is a prescription for you


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