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One can confirm that the lord gives every human a volitional right, the freedom to makes choices (whether right or wrong). Although he has an unquestionable authority over our lives, he doesn’t interfere with our choices in most cases. With all the power to make your choice, will you choose the CROSS or the CROWD?

  As a Christian it can be so difficult to choose “the cross” over the “crowd”. Choosing between what God wants you to do and what everyone is doing, can sometimes seem like a very challenging one. But a choice must be made! Even peter, one of Jesus’ disciples denied Jesus; not once nor twice but thrice. He had the choice to admit that he was Christ’s disciple to the servant girl and the bystanders but he chose denial. And guess what, Jesus still did not condemn him; he even assigned Peter to “feed my sheep” (John 21:15-17)

 The truth is that we all at one point in life had, or will have, to choose the crowd over the cross, and like Peter, deny Jesus by our actions or speech. But it is expected that you go back to God, and ask for his mercy, immediately you discover that you’ve turned away from the cross. The crowd has nothing to offer but the cross does.

God might not interfere with your choices but he expects that you give him a chance to make the right selection for you.

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