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  There is only one path to success and that is no other, but one created by you and you alone. I’ve listened to a lot of people’s aspirations and I’ve discovered that there is one central aim, which is SUCCESS. As common as this maybe, everyone has to take a different route to it.

  You might want to be like most affluent and successful persons, either by doing something different from what they have done or by doing the exact, but believe me, the routes to success are different . Our ambitions might be similar, but never will our course, procedures or even opportunities. Hence, how much time it takes to reach that point, is determined solely by our abilities to seek and discover our paths.

  Being a pathfinder or a path- follower is dependent on your attitude and choice. Below is a contrast of the two personalities.


  •           Finds the need to be different.
  •           Manages time well.
  •           Endures criticism.
  •            Creates new things.
  •          Faces fears boldly.
  •           Has aims and objectives.
  •            Seeks wisdom.
  •            Finds an opportunity to lead and does it faithfully.
  •            Supports and helps people around.
  •            Never gives up.


  •            Follows the crowd.
  •            Squanders time
  •            Makes the opinion of others become his/her reality.
  •            Relies on things that have been created
  •            Retreats from facing his/her fears.
  •            Moves aimlessly.
  •            Remains imprudent
  •            Prefers being a follower to becoming a leader.·   
  •      Acts selfishly and self-centeredly.
  •            Never tries.

“On your path there are endless possibilities; don’t get too busy to realize that”
                                                                   -Osuofia Emmanuella


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