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Have you ever wondered why God thought it wise to let us have a book of guidance, understanding and truth? Why he offered us a book of history in which the past and the future are revealed?
The bible is a total epitome of God’s love for us. Just like our parents, God cautions, advices, teaches and reveals a lot to us but he does it basically with the bible.
    A love letter is a written expression of feelings of love which consists of certain usual contents in its style. Below are proofs that the bible fully depicts God’s love.
My dear Lucy,                                                   
Whenever I think of you, I feel overwhelmed by my emotions. I  love you so much that words cannot express.
  It is indeed my good fortune to meet you and I promise to make our relationship a happy one.
May you always smile and be cheerful.
                                                                                                                                       Your darling,
My beloved (Romans 16:8),
I think about you and your descendant(Psalm 115:12-14), because you are precious in my eyes and honoured and I love you, I give men in turn for you, peoples in exchange for your life ( Isaiah 43:4).
  I delight in every detail of your life(Psalm 37:23).
I am rich in mercy and love for you (Ephesians 1:15).
May you know these things and be happy (Malachi 3:15). 
                                        From God    

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