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8 Reasons Why Giving Up Is Not An Option

   Are you one of those who resort to giving up just when you think there’s no more hope and path to success?  Below are mind changing reasons why quitting is no option.
  1. There are many people who have done great things without opting for the ‘give-up' button.
  2.  Your next attempt could yield the long-awaited result.
  3. Your success might just be a solid ground on which people can build their hope. It might just be an inspiration to someone out there, a source of employment or even become a massive innovation. 
  4. God says ‘Don’t give up’(Joshua 1:9)
  5. It only means you never tried. People are not concerned about your pain but your ramifications, they won’t see how much you’ve done unless there is an upshot.
  6. An unexpected recognition could be earned.
  7. You have the opportunity to do what you intend giving up on. Many people do not have the chance you have, and will never quit if they do. How surprising!
  8. Someone out there might just be waiting to steal your dream the moment you give up, leaving you with no credit or commendation.
       The next time you have a thousand reasons to turn back on your dreams and let go, take a sec to invigorate yourself with thoughts of optimism.


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